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We believe that sleep is the most powerful recovery tool for our minds. We believe that when the mind is fully rested, calm and balanced that we can fulfill our most ambitious dreams.

The way we focus on recovery is by using the most innovative materials, latest sleep data and creating beautifully designed products. They are tested by athletes for enhanced muscle recovery and business professionals for enhanced cognitive recovery.

The HIBR Mattress

The mattress that changed how athletes from all sports started recovering better. The use of Graphite-Gel sleeps cool, and our Energex™ provides unbelievable joint alignment and body support for awesome comfort.

  • 3-Layer GraphiteGel Technology
  • Temperature & Comfort Cushion
  • Energex™ Deep Compression Support
  • 11″ High Quality & Durability Design

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The RF Signature Mattress

Introducing the mattress that Rich Froning & Team Mayhem are using to help prepare for the 2018 Games. The RF Signature Series uses the latest technology in materials, quality and performance.

  • 4-Layer Energex™ Technology
  • Designed Using Sleep Data & Athlete Feedback
  • Enhanced Muscle Recovery & Joint Support
  • 11″ High Quality & Durability Design

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The 2017 Business of Integrity Award Winner

The Better Business Bureau® awarded HIBR the 2017 Business of Integrity Award which recognizes outstanding businesses for their commitment to exceptional marketplace standards that benefit their consumers, employees, suppliers, industry peers and the communities in which they do business and serve.

HIBR Family

Ships to Your Door

Why waste time shopping for lesser technology and higher prices at retail stores? Our guess is that you would rather do something better with your time, so we ship right to your door. It's easy and saves you a ton of time and money.

Our 100 Night Free Trial & Free Returns makes this a no brainer.

The HIBR Mattress Box

"A lot of tech, thought and design went into the HIBR Pillow, but it'd all be for nothing if it weren't comfortable to sleep on, and after sleeping on it for several months, it's really comfortable to sleep on.

It definitely keeps its promises."

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Cooling Pillows

We debuted on Kickstarter in 2014 with our cooling pillow technology. Customers and critics alike loved the technology and the great nights sleep.

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The Showroom

Our Showroom is located in Greenville, SC. You can stop by and checkout all our great sleep products along with getting a glimpse of new technologies.

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HIBR Testimonial Client

I love my new HIBR mattress!

I randomly stumbled across Noah Syndergaard's comments praising his HIBR bed on Twitter, and did some research before ordering one for myself. It has been one of the best investments I've ever made in my own health and happiness. I used to wake up with hip and back pain, but the foam technology in the HIBR mattress has almost completely eliminated these issues. Slipping into bed is now the highlight of my day, knowing I'll have a restful and comfortable sleep. Thank you, HIBR!

Steve C.
HIBR Customer

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